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Holistic Holiday Market 2019!

You're Invited! Sunday, December 15th, 12:30 PM - 6:30 PM . Come visit Ginger Pennington's gallery space among Gotham West's Holistic Holiday Market! Many prints, original paintings, wearable art necklaces, and more will be featured alongside FABULOUS holistic vendors. Also: Holiday Shipping updates, gratitude mentions.

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Lazarus Heart Collection: Wearable art by Ginger Pennington

A heart of stone becomes alive... The "Lazarus Heart Collection" of necklaces came about quite by accident during the summer of 2012. Every weekend I walked the beaches in New York to recharge and escape from the pressures of the work week both behind and ahead. One weekend in July I came across two beautiful spiral shells, the likes of which I had no idea even existed in this harsh environment. I knew it was the perfect gift to bring my best friend for her upcoming birthday (she had everything and a need of nothing, yet I wanted to give her something as a token of our friendship). I wondered what on earth would she want with a plain old...

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First Post

Hello dear friends and lovers of art!Thank you so much for visiting my online store GingerTice and for enjoying my artwork. I know that we are totally bombarded with options and possibilities in this digital age, so the chance of you making it here to my little art and design shop is truly exciting to me.I've been drawing and creating things since I was a toddler, but at age 16 I really found that making art was a fun way to create a sort of symbolic and visual poetry to tell my story without giving all of the details away at once. I decided this wondrous activity was so important to me in finding my voice that it also needed to...

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