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Product Updates: Mugs and Totes last day to shop 9/21/19 !

Ginger Pennington
Many thanks to everyone for enjoying my art mugs and tote bags over the past 4 years, but in two weeks, I will sunset these products and will no longer have them available for purchase. 

Last day to order for yourself (and any gifts!) will be Sept. 21, 2019!

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**Some people have also complained about the price points being high for these items, but that is because I purposely sought out a print and production company based in the USA.**

Ginger Pennington

Well, I've self-taught myself to design and maintain my own art website since 2001. I launched this site (GingerTice) to create an online art shop that is separate from my art portfolio for art industry purposes. The time and amount of detail to self-learn and implement everything is no longer fun and exciting to me.

As time progresses, so do various providers/vendors/apps, etc. My print supplier suddenly announced a huge change to their service platform which means I would have to completely redesign, resubmit, and copy all data FOR EACH MUG/TOTE... AGAIN... to this new platform...AGAIN.
They haven't provided a smooth transitioning option.

Back in 2015, I spent DAYS and HOURS setting up the templates for the mugs and totes (photographing art/uploading/editing/copywriting/coding/etc.). I am no longer interested in recreating all of this; I HATE being on the computer.

(This little guy reminds me of how I feel about all of this! HAHA!)

Maybe in the future, I will want to completely redo all of this work again, but at this point (and as a one-man-show) I find it highly unlikely. I hope you understand and can just buy up as many mugs for your collection as you can for yourself and friends in the meantime. I am very sorry about any inconvenience this poses to you as well!

Meanwhile, all prints, originals, and jewelry will continue to be available for sale because I control their output 100% and do not rely on a third party to help with production. So, do not fear; all other Ginger Pennington creations are still here!
Thank you always for your support, friends!