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About "GingerTice"

 is the online store launched in 2015 by artist Ginger Pennington as a way for more people to enjoy the original artwork she makes. Her paintings, illustrations, and designs are now available in the following formats: original paintings, limited edition printsart jewelry, and matted minis

Ginger began seriously pursuing art at age 16 as an outlet and form of self expression, creating a type of symbolic diary with images. Originally from Richmond, VA, Ginger also lived in NYC on-and-off for the past 20 years. She graduated as a Presidential Scholar from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC with an AAS in Advertising Design, magna cum laude. After receiving a BFA magna cum laude in Art Education from Virginia Commonwealth University, she taught private and public high school art and photography to students with a Pre-International Baccalaureate focus.

While building her personal art career in Richmond, VA and NYC, Ginger worked in merchandising and sales in many upscale jewelry and clothing boutiques while developing her artwork style, technique, and message. She also worked with many other artists and gallery owners to help manage their studios, shows, events, PR, inventory, production, and sales. 

Upon the suggestion of her Photographer friend, Ginger tried background acting in 2016 and enjoyed working in film and television as a member of SAG-AFTRA as an actor, stand-in, and background artist (until March 2020 when the global pandemic made living in NYC untenable). Today she enjoys the opportunity of teaching art virtually as a way to encourage, inspire, and lift up children during these difficult times.

Her goal as an artist is to inspire, encourage, and help others through her stories, images, and the spirit of it all.

To view her entire portfolio of fine art, you can visit her website at  .

Ginger would love to hear from you and appreciates your business;
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