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First Post

Hello dear friends and lovers of art!
Thank you so much for visiting my online store GingerTice and for enjoying my artwork. I know that we are totally bombarded with options and possibilities in this digital age, so the chance of you making it here to my little art and design shop is truly exciting to me.

I've been drawing and creating things since I was a toddler, but at age 16 I really found that making art was a fun way to create a sort of symbolic and visual poetry to tell my story without giving all of the details away at once. I decided this wondrous activity was so important to me in finding my voice that it also needed to be a huge part of my everyday life. Through the years of art studies, explorations, discoveries, forming new ideas, processes, and techniques, art became my favorite vehicle for sharing life, dreams, hopes, love, and understanding with others. It can be very healing for both the artist and viewer, bringing positive change for years to come.

While it is always a thrill and joy to see an original go to its new home, I want there to be a way for others to also enjoy my original paintings as well.
My shop, GingerTice makes this happen. 

Your support means the world to me, as I also make a living from this passion of mine.
Thanks always and don't hesitate to drop me a line if my artwork has touched you in some way!

Ginger Pennington