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Lazarus Heart Collection: Wearable art by Ginger Pennington

A heart of stone becomes alive...
The "Lazarus Heart Collection" of necklaces came about quite by accident during the summer of 2012. Every weekend I walked the beaches in New York to recharge and escape from the pressures of the work week both behind and ahead. One weekend in July I came across two beautiful spiral shells, the likes of which I had no idea even existed in this harsh environment. I knew it was the perfect gift to bring my best friend for her upcoming birthday (she had everything and a need of nothing, yet I wanted to give her something as a token of our friendship). I wondered what on earth would she want with a plain old shell, but on my limited internship income I had nothing to spend; this was the best I could procure. I realized that in my art supplies I had many leftover swarovski crystals and could create something lovely and unique with these materials.
The shells turned out beautifully and I realized this was something I had to make more of because people would love these gifts of sparkle and whimsy!

I carefully select each shell from beaches that I visit and then hand paint and decorate them with swarovski crystals, glitter, and mica. Each necklace becomes a one-of-a-kind work of wearable art and is strung with brightly colored velvet ribbon. This allows the wearer to choose its length according to the neckline style of the particular outfit. It is recommended to tie a double knot at the desired length. Metals used are non-tarnish brass, silver plated mixed metal, or gold filled (depending upon the design). Each piece is lightweight and coated with a special UV protection gloss.
These necklaces are full of whimsy, love, sparkle, and fun; the ultimate in bohemian chic!

Each order comes with a fun shiny gold pouch, a ziploc baggie for storage, and your very own fortune told on a card (since some of the bigger shells remind me of fortune cookies!).

The name Lazarus Heart was inspired by a dream I had regarding these shells plus the symbolism from the story in the Bible about a man named Lazarus. This provides a perfect parallel for the way faith in God took my broken heart and began the process of making it whole and renewed; like Lazarus who died but was supernaturally resurrected from death by Jesus Christ, so did knowing more about God revive my life into one of hope and promise! I hope you enjoy these necklaces; may they be a source of hope and inspiration for you as well.

These necklaces were first publicly launched in 2013 at the RAW NYC "Translations" artist showcase and were voted into the Semi-Finals of the RAWards Accessory Design showcase of 2013. In this video you can find me nervously explaining my artist statement and the ideas behind the Lazarus Heart collection. 

Layering is my favorite way to wear these necklaces:

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