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"Joan's Angels" Matted Mini

"Joan's Angels" Matted Mini

$ 15.00

Image: "Joan's Angels"

Part of my "Wild Sea Oats" theme in which the imagery and symbolism of abstracted golden sea oats appear in many of my paintings, this is a story of the martyr Joan of Arc. It depicts the moment she heard from the angels about how she would save her beloved homeland.

The symbolism of wild sea oats evoke the power of illusion. The visage of this seemingly wispy yet lovely plant (which is native to many beach and coast areas) betrays its actual power and strength; its roots go deep down into the earth to get water, and ultimately, hold up the coastline to prevent erosion from storms and waves.

Original sold.
© Copyright 2008 by Ginger Pennington.

Matted minis come ready to fit in your favorite 5" x 7" frame (frame not included). Each image is hand placed and packaged; variety in life is fun, so there may be slight cropping variations per image chosen! Matted minis are set with a regular, non-acid free mat window and mat backing, then covered with a removable protective cellophane sheet.