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Updates and Thankful for YOU!

Photo by Andrew Neel from Pexels

We've endured a trying 2020to say the least! Despite it all, I want to give my utmost appreciation to all of the friends, family, and art lovers who helped me navigate through accepting all of the changes 2020 brought.
Some people I know did not make it and died from COVID-19.
Others have friends and family who also did not survive.
I'm not telling you anything you already didn't know, unfortunately. It's certainly a year of reckoning and sorting out what is truly important or not in life...

Anyhow, existing in NYC as an artist, actor, and gig-life hustler became untenable for me; I couldn't have moved on without the help of every one of you! I am incredibly grateful for those who were able to buy a painting or send donations and thus help me pay my rent until I could
receive the kindness of artist grants and COVID unemployment aid!

Knowing this aid wouldn't last forever, I also decided to change career paths and move out of NYC after wrestling between my hopes versus current reality.
I am very grateful today to have the honor of teaching art virtually
to the most wonderful people of all: children!

I will miss all of the friends and art supporters I made during my years on-and-off in NYC since the year 2000. At this point I doubt I will return to living in NYC for a very long time. Mixed in with a lot of insanely difficult situations over the past 20 years, there are still a lot of incredible miracles and wonderful memories
(all of which helped me become both a better person and artist). A deeper understanding of spirituality and God has also been a gift; may you one day also discover the strength of faith and hope if you haven't yet!

With the holiday season under various lockdowns across the nation, this means there are no art shows or holiday market opportunities for artists and designers.
Last Christmas I was grateful to be invited to an incredible show at the Gotham West Holiday Market and was so looking forward to participating again this year!

Alas, here are some photos from the event last year that
we can look at and pretend we are going to this year:

It will be so wonderful to one day return to social
events and shows like these again!

In the meantime, I hope as you think about gifts for yourself and others, you will consider remembering the people you know personally who make art, handmade goods, and all other small local businesses.
Not only will you be giving a unique gift to your friends and loved ones, but you will be giving the gift of hope to creators and independents
of all kinds who faced incredible losses this year. 

I also understand many of you might have your own financial struggles right now and are unable to support those you know and love; in that case, just keep sharing your smile with strangers and lighting up the world!

Most importantly, I hope that you are navigating this year safely and hope you can find some peace and faith in your spirit. Please reach out and let me know how you are doing or anytime you just need a friend to listen!

Thank you for reading this long blog post and...

...thank you for being my friend!

With love,

Ginger Pennington