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Bird Picnic

Bird Picnic

$ 2,200.00
"Bird Picnic"
23"x 22 3/4"

Copyright © 2008 by Ginger Pennington

The painting "Bird Picnic" is an abstract representation of the beauty and joy of being alive. Here you see abstracted elements of tall sea oats, waving in the breeze; I am always inspired by their wisps blowing in the wind. Their visible structure defies their strong and deep root system, as they actually help hold together the coastline by protecting the land from erosion by water. These abstracted iridescent sea oats are a prominent part of many paintings in the "Moodscape" series I created.

Among the scene is the infinity symbol, mountains, a valley, a hand woven picnic basket from brass wire, and imagery of pink birds dancing among a playful picnic as depicted by children's holographic food and drink stickers. It's a symbol of how even the birds are cared for and fed by their creator among life's ups and downs.